Profitable Major Project financing loans annual interest rate 3.5% duration 5-10 years

On behalf of the lender Board of Directors/Loan Awarding Committee (LAC), We confirm the fact that our lender is readiness to provide the total project funds needed for the client’s project based on a loan term with a clear interest rate of 3.5% ROI per annum for 5-10 years renewable tenure after a grace period of 12 months. Once a deal is completed with a company or Entrepreneur which you introduced to ADQ and we disburse their approved project funds, we will provide you with our official agent/consultant certificate and an official identity card which you will use in your country and everywhere around the globe, and after then, we will calculate 1% interest rate which you are to receive from the 3.5% ROI payable to ADQ, this 1% will be paid to you annually throughout the duration of time the MOU Agreement between your client and ADQ will last. When the client is preparing the detailed summary of its project, the proposed interest rate of 3.5% ROI can be outlined in their project summary/business plan as there is no law that prohibits that. We are interested in funding any project that can generate good ROI, so we have no restrictions on sectors so far as the project can generate good ROI. The client will need to undergo the Financial License and Non-Indigenous Company Clearance Mandate process only when the project has been approved and the Lender’s NCND/MOU Agreement signed by both parties. Once the client project is approved, the lender will furnish him the contact details of our agent in Emirates RAK FTZ who handles our client legal documentation. He will be in position to indicate the process and the exact cost for the license/certificate then help the clients to complete the process without any delay as the lender disburse his client’s loan 10 working days upon the confirmation of the license/certificate..

Below is our standard mode of operation :

Once the client’s project is approved for funding, the lender will furnish to the client the  NCND/MOU for their endorsement. In the NCND/MOU they will be required to obtain the Financial License and Non-Indigenous Company Clearance Mandate for their company through the Emirates RAK Free Trade Zone (FTZ) from the Economic Department of Finance and Development and the Ministry of Finance.

Once the licenses are obtained, we will furnish the client, the Official lender’s Project fund Disbursement Approval, Official Invitation Letter and Meeting Schedule for their disbursement ceremony. In that meeting all the final fund release papers will be duly signed by their company signatory and after the meeting they will be taken to lender’s Financial Institution to witness the disbursement of their total project fund. The fund will be wire transferred to any designated bank account.

We requested that the clients obtain the Financial License and Non-Indigenous Company Clearance Mandate so that their company will be cleared as a Non-Indigenous company therefore giving their company a strong identity and the eligibility to partner with the lender as lender’s fund are primarily meant for companies with corporate identity and proven financial record in UAE.