Partners Trade

Programs change time after time but stay similar. Small Program 1 M to 5 M and up are workable if funds are in good rate bank, if not so client will need to do transfer of money to his own name in good bank. Not all are eligible to access Trade Program, the first step is to pass compliance procedure; This is not normal business but private financial transaction hard regulated, talk without client/investor complete package is prohibited also useless, large Program start from 100 Million Euros/USD to up. Document we need for compliance procedure are complete package with KYC, POF documents  older no more than three days, two bank officers business cards, passport copy color, in case all is true and acceptable investor will also send  a photo keeping in hand the daily newspaper of  his place of residence, another photo that shows him holding his passport in his hand; Due Diligence has become stricter to avoid   wasting time with fraudulent/scams artists package.

Direct contact start with the principal who bring eligible package. Below you have details :


1M + Small Cap Program

New $1M+ small cap PPP, no movement of funds. Please herd the warnings and get your files in immediately without 100 questions or any doubts of the client-you urgently need to get files in immediately to secure your position! This is a very secure bank trade in the financial market for CASH FUNDS in amounts over 1 Million US / Euro, as the funds WILL NEVER BE BLOCKED, ENCUMBERED OR USED AS COLLATERAL, and the client will only need to keep the funds in his own account. This program is handled on a case-by-case basis, as it is not permanent.

There are also 5/10M small caps available.


New $1M+ small cap PPP, no movement of funds. Please herd the warnings and get your files in immediately without 100 questions or any doubts of the client-you urgently need to get files in immediately to secure your position! Our licensed Trade Platform can Offer: Urgent without any risk trade 1 Million Private Placement Trade Without moving Funds $1M- $5B Low Cap PPP EUROPE PLATFORM–NO FUND MOVEMENT


  1. Minimum entry is $ 1M or EURO equivalent. Maximum $5B.
  2. No moving of funds, no SWIFT, no admin hold. Fund stay in investor bank account.
  3. No Upfront fees or back end fees of any kind.
  4. 5 days Bullet trade + 40 weeks trade program

Step 1: 5-day bullet at 100% per day for 5 consecutive days

(E.g. $1m returns $5m plus original $1m =$6m)

Step 2: 40-week trade at with new principal. The Profit sharing arrangement will be 90% gross Clients and 10% to Consultants ( 80% net)


1- Complete KYC package signed in wet blue ink.

2- Bank tear-sheet POF sheet current dated – less than 48 hours old.

3- Bank officer’s business Cards for verification by Trader and Platform Attorney.




The funds stay in client’s account. No Swift. Only they will put an admin hold on the account or funds. The program will be done in two phases:

First, 200% in 5 days. Then they start a 40 weeks trade that will give 120% per month It will then be paid out on a monthly basis. The bank will obviously do their due diligence on the new client’s file, and make sure the account and funds and client exists and the client actually controls the account etc.

BANKS: Major Banks Worldwide Accepted (Or As Approved By Compliance Office).

AMOUNT: Min 1 MILLION TO 100 Million and Max 50 Billion. The Profit sharing arrangement will be 90% gross Clients and 10% to Consultant ( 80% net ).

Example 100M:

200% 5 days = 200M

Then 40 week (10 Month)

120% per month (200M X 120%: 240M)

240M X 10 month : 2,4B

90% to the client: 216M per month (Total 2,160 Million/2,16B)

Documents Required:

– Fully executed KYC completed

– Current date Bank Statement/Tear Sheet

– Copies of Bank Cards of Bank officers

– Block / Reserve Funds Confirmation Letter


NOTE: All Programs is for select clients immediately ready to transact. Please do not formally submit if the applicant is not actually ready to transact without delay.


Basic capital between 500,000 and 5,000,000 € OR USD Program comprising two stages:

1 -BULLET OF 10 DAYS: either for 5,000,000 € X 15 = 75,000,000 € NET Client

2 – At the end of the 10 Banking days the program leaves over 10 months or 40 weeks with a base capital of €5,000,000 the monthly profitability is €50,000,000, payable monthly. There is no block fund, there will just be a periodic consultation by bank officer. The customer must provide a complete KYC with Color Passport as well as the business cards of the two Banking officers with their Pin code and a TEAR SHEET of less than 3 Days.


Deadline for Due Diligence 48-72H. Terms of customer contact by the Trader or the platform and when: Once the commission SPA has been signed, a code is given for the exchange etween the trader and the client (7-8 days). Bullet program start time and Bullet program rate of return?

During the exchange with the trader, he gives the start dates, everything is noted on the contract, knowing that the programs often start on Monday, the rate is noted on the attached document, i.e. 15 times the starting capital in 10 Banking Days. Normal program start time and rate of return? In the wake of the bullet, the exact rate is given by the trader on the day of the exchange with the client and everything is noted on the contract. Financial center where the program will take place?… Platform in Germany …


Small cap trade that starts from 1M. Please review the proposal below. Small Capital 5 Day 240%. Tear Sheet Bullet Trade Starting at 1M to 5B. Private Placement Investment Program for qualified investor partners. The following information is for educational purposes only and provided on the best efforts basis whereby principles are responsible for their own due decisions. The program is always subject to amendment or revision and can close at any time. Please see the following trade overview:

Minimum Entry: 1M

Maximum Entry: 5B

Blocking Procedure: Tear Sheet or Administrative Hold (Blocking requirement depends on the custodial bank in designated locations). Acceptable Currency: Euro/USD/GBP

Acceptable Asset: Cash or Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Program Duration: 13 months

Program Terms: 5 Days, then 40 Weeks

Program Yield: Historically 240% after 5 days, then historically 30% per week paid to the investor. Acceptable Banks: Only top world rated banks. Acceptable Regions: Western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, North America.

Submission Requirements :

  1. Standard compliance package dated within 3 days of submission.
  2. Enlarged color copy passport.
  3. Proof of funds on bank letterhead dated within 3 days of submission signed by 2 banks

officers with business cards attached.

  1. Administrative hold RWA letter on bank letterhead signed by 2 bank officers with PIN Codes

Transaction Procedures :

  1. The investor submits as previously instructed.
  2. Upon approval, the platform will issue a contract without signature within 5 business days of submission.
  1. The investor has 7 business days to sign and return the contract.
  2. The contract is countersigned within 5 business days with instructions to pull a tear sheet at their bank or coordinates to confirm the administrative hold.
  1. The platform confirms the newly pulled tear sheet or administrative hold and immediately triggers the trade.
  1. The trade begins on the following Monday after the newly pulled tear sheet or administrative hold block is confirmed by the platform.