The conditions that generally qualify for our funding arrangements are varied, and we can include some of them below:

  • Obtaining a bank loan through our network assumes you are a holder of a project whose total investment is about 200 million euros minimum or US dollars, you must even have a personal contribution of 5% to 10% of your total needs, level of contribution that depends on the nature of your projects.
  • After you have submitted your complete application, our experts take care to study the feasibility of your projects and will reply in a short time.
  • We realize through our private operators and specialists funding solutions based on secure private investment programs. This is a method that requires specific procedures and controls for highly regulated. Operators in this area do not have the right to look for investors interested in this type of product. We can offer in this area private funding programs, one of the procedures among our thirteen methods. That allows us to say that when an investor meets the requirements, we can make an offer adapted to the project and its characteristic. It is important to note that our solutions are aimed at projects holders only.

Accession to our procedures is subject to certain conditions that international regulations and most countries require to procedures of our banking and financial operators and funders.

The eligibility of governments depends on the establishment of certain guarantees.

Other investors, individuals, businesses, associations, NGOs, etc.  are subject to guarantee conditions, and to a minimum level of equity capital required by the banks.

These conditions are brought to the attention of investors on request after reviewing the application by GL Capital:

— You must be a holder of one or more projects worth 500 million EUROS or USD, absolute minimum 200 million EUROS or USD.

— You must be eligible after reviewing your administrative application by our banking platforms and financial operators.