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Leasing BG/SBLC with Upfront payment

These Bank Instruments are issued through top AAA rated banks such as Citibank New York, Chase Bank, Welsfargo Bank, Bank of America, HSBC Hong Kong or HSBC London, Barclays bank London, Standard Chartered Bank London, Dubai or Hong Kong, UBS Switzerland, Deutsche Bank AG Germany etc.

Our Network Is The Best Choice For Loans, BG/SBLC Transactions Our partner’s Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) provider at 4% leasing fee per year.  All our bank instruments are issued from prime banks such as HSBC.

Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Standard Chattered Bank or any AAA rated bank of your choice:

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Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC / SLOC) Description:

  1. Bank Instrument Type: Cash Backed Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC/SLOC)?
  2. Face Value: USD 1 Million (Minimum) to USD 5 Billion (Maximum)
  3. Issuing Bank: Barclays Bank London, HSBC Hong Kong, Citibank New York, Deutsche Bank Germany or any prime bank.
  4. Age: One Year and One Day (with rolls and extensions where applicable)
  5. Leasing Price: 4% of Face Value plus 2% brokers commission (Applicable

only if there are brokers in the transaction)

  1. Delivery: SWIFT MT-760
  2. Payment: MT103 Swift Wire Transfer
  3. Hard Copy: Bank Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

As top SBLC providers, our BG and SBLC are cash backed and can be used for Discounting, Monetization and Private Placement Programs (PPP). They also can be used as collateral against a loan or credit line to secure Funding for Projects.

We also provide Business Loans, SME Loans, International  Project Financing, recourse Loans, Non Recourse Loans, Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit,

Bank Guarantee, Performance Guarantee Bond, Tender Bond Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bank Comfort Letter.

So let us intimate you with our LEASED bank instruments

procedures, terms and conditions etc.

 About Leasing BG/SBLC:

  1. Verbiage: ICC 458/758 or latest format
  2. Delivery: MT799, 760, & Hard Copy
  3. Fee Payment: 4% + 2%
  4. Payment of transmission fee within 3 days after signing DOA.
  5. Payment of Leasing Fee & Commission: Within 21 days after receiving BG/SBLC

BG/SBLC Procedures:

    1. Deed of Agreement (DOA) signing by both parties
    2. Lessor issue invoice & Notarized “Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking” for Lessee to pay bank transmission fee
    3. Lessee will send “Bank transmission charges” (* Within 3 days after receiving invoice)
    4. Lessor delivers “MT799/760 & Hard copy”
    5. Lessee pays “Leasing Fee & Commission(* 2%)” (* Within 21 days).

Description of Instruments:

  1. Instrument: Fully Cash Backed Bank Guarantee {BG} /

StandBy Letter of Credit {SBLC} 

  1. Total Face Value:       Eur/USD 1Million (Min) to Eur/USD 50 Billion (Max)
  2. Issuing Bank:HSBC London/Hong Kong, Barclays Bank

London, Citibank New York, Deutsche Bank Germany or any AAA Rated Bank.

  1. Age:One Year and One Day (with rolls and extensions

where applicable) 

  1. Leasing Price:           4% of Face Value plus 2% brokers commission (Applicable only if there are brokers in the transaction)
  2. Delivery:                    SWIFT MT-760
  3. Payment:                  MT103  Wire Transfer
  4. Hard Copy:            Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.
  5. Bank Transmission Fee: DEPENDS ON THE FACE VALUE OF THE


Chart of Bank Transmission Charges:

1M – 49M/USD

USD 50,000.00

50M – 99M/USD

USD 100,000.00

100M – 199M/USD

USD 150,000.00

200M – 499M/USD

USD 250,000.00

500M – 999M/USD

USD 450,000.00 

1B – 4B/USD

USD 1,000,000.00

4B – 10BUSD

USD 2,000,000.00  

Payment of Leasing Fee & Commission: Within 21 days 

We also offer monetization of our lease bank instruments.

Contact us to learn about some many reasons why people fail in BG/SBLC transactions.


Guidelines and procedures to borrow bank instruments with conditional payment. We offer leasing and monetization of bank instruments transactions. This partner won business excellent award in Europe, several business excellent awards in the USA as well, because it gratifies them for the intense work they have successfully done in Europe, in the USA as well as all over the world. Lease price is 10+2.

Procedure step-by-step:

  1. Client sent a simple application to request the leasing of the instrument and
    will choose one instrument of our updated list.
    2. Every request for our leasing service must be accompanied by a detailed description of the project, or purpose for which the bank instrument is being leased.
    3. The contract will be sent for signature, and in the same time the borrower will receive an invoice for the expenses due to permit to cover the call option
    expenses to reserve the bank instrument, amounting to:
    for instruments with a face value:
  • Up to 499 m. The settlement fee is euro 20,000
    • from 500 m. To 999 m. The settlement fee is euro 25,000
    • for instruments above 1 b. The settlement fee is euro 30,000.
    Please note that it is in euro no matter what currency the instrument is in. This money will be refunded after successfully closing the transaction.
    The borrower has the right to deduct the above-mentioned amount from the service fee’s total amount.
    4. After receipt of all documents signed and of the deposit of the sum above described, the lender will provide for a pro forma invoice with all details of the bank instrument, corporate deed of assignment, euro clear and clear stream printout, Bloomberg or security chart of the stock exchange market where the instrument is quoted, to permit the borrower’s bankers to verify.
    5. After verification, the borrower must provide for conditional payments, not later than 20 calendar days from date of pro forma invoice (point 4). Made through: a Conditioned icpo (irrevocable corporate pay order) endorsed by borrower’s bank or
    b. Bank backed promissory notes (having the endorsement per aval of an acceptable bank)
    c. Conditioned swift mt103 or mt700
    6. The borrower has the possibility to ask for an extension of the contract validity, by a simple request sent to the lender before contract expiring date and transferring amount of euro 10,000.– against invoice. The 20 days extension begins on the first day this agreement expires. This money will be refunded after successfully closing the transaction, or borrower has the right to deduct the above-mentioned amount from the leasing a/o service fees total amount.
    7. After receipt of the conditional payment, the lender will do the normal due diligence using their bankers or the appointed escrow agent/merchant bankers (by certified email communications) then, bank instrument will be purchased and transferred by swift mt 760 to the designated account of the borrower, transferring also all the right to use it.
  1. After receipt of the instrument, borrower’s bank has 8 hours time to unblock the leasing fees conditional payment.
    9. 15 days before maturity, the borrower’s bank must return back the instrument by swift to the lender’s bank unencumbered and free of this stage we have provided the complete service applicant/borrower has ordered. This is the end of the transaction.

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