Our Partners

GL Capital company, consulting and research of solutions in terms of financing of major projects is privileged to count among its partners :

  • Leasing of Banking Instrument
  • Buying of Discounted Banking Instrument
  • Monetizing/Discounting of Banking Instrument
  • Private placement Program
  • Proof of Funds Letter
  • Alternative Project Funding
  • Credible Private Funding Groups
  • Specialized banks
  • Investment banks and other commercial banks
  • Investment companies with strong capabilities
  • Considered financial platforms
  • granted traders in financing project operations
  • Professionals (business lawyers, specialized lawyers, accountants, tax practitioners, international economists, heritage managers…).

Informations about the identities, qualifications, procedures of our partners or even the references concerning their operations are not located on the Internet. We do not provide data of this nature, which can be communicated by our partners themselves and only to certain personalities or high public authorities such as Heads of States, Primes Ministers, and sometimes exceptionally to the Ministers of the economy and Central bank managers face to face o requested if they are mandated.

Indeed, the activities of our partners are totally in the field of banking secrecy and of financial markets. Although we are representing our Funders and operators and not a simple intermediary, we are submitted in the context of our activities of council and consultant to this strict confidentiality.

Affiliate members of our international network marketing the following products:

  • The gas
  • Industrial Oils
  • Gold

GL Capital partners are also involved in the organization of transactions involving the purchase and sale of oil and petroleum products.


We have partners with several innovations with other alternative Capital providers.
Procedures used by our partners Private Funding groups provide formal introductions to some of the Top 5 Platforms Trade Desks in Europe, far East also in North America.