The purpose of GL Capital is to find the best financing solutions for the governments of emerging economies, investors holders of large industrial and commercial projects. The attention of GL Capital particularly focuses on sustainable development projects.

This would mean that the beneficiaries of our project solutions must take into account ecological, social and economic aspects. GL Capital provides solutions designed to provide funds to finance private and public major programs of economic and humanitarian development in the areas in collaboration with local experts and international governments in the following sectors:

Creation, development of e-commerce, distribution channels high potential, opportunities, international trade relations in order to facilitate the export of products intended for this purpose.

Call us for the development of infrastructure projects (roads, railways, schools, hospitals, network of energies, maritime ports, airports, telecommunications, construction, town planning and habitat). The creation, the development, restructuring, modernizing structures, industrial units and sites in the various activities.


Creation, development, operation of production and marketing structures in the fields of food processing, fish farming and animal husbandry. Specialists of GL Capital Network master the techniques and methods to design and organize aquaculture programs through systems based on a form of integrated farming, which combines a culture of synthesis plants with fish farming, serving as fertilizer for crop plants that recycle water.

Financing solutions provided by GL Capital are intended for all agricultural projects, fish, and mass animal husbandry.

The financing solutions provided by GL Capital are intended for all agricultural, aquaculture and mass-breeding projects.