Procedures with sovereign governments

In terms of Governments funding by a SG is and can be difficult with poorly rated countries and we do encourage the sovereigns to issue a Sovereign Bond, treasury Notes or oil and gas swaps including mineral resources. Documents needed: Loi or Invitation from the government, including a commitment from the Government to issue one of the above instruments to back and guarantee our funding. We will also need a copy of the Executive summaries and in cases where a EPC contractor or major engineering firm is required then we do have partners that we can bring in. We have one specific lender that will work with African Countries and another that will not and is more geared to Latin American and European countries.


The solutions provided by GL Capital investment are highly effective; they rely on the procedures that use our partners in strictly legal frameworks: these particularly regulated procedures are only possible by actors officially sworn. Our network assists qualified investors and especially helps them to gain a major performance using financial instruments as collateral to access a program of high profitability or English (private placement program). We are looking for our investors revolutionary and innovative solutions on a case by case. Below are some of the methods used to finance projects of our investors:

 Funds are 100% secure and do not leave the clients account.

  1.  Open to ALL major USA and Foreign Banks
  2.  Cash only accepted in the following currencies, USD, Euro and GBP
  3.  Term of the Trade Program is 40 weeks
  4.  Minimum is $1 Million (USD, EURO OR GBP). No maximum limit
  5.  Internal Block confirm bank to bank.  No SWIFT
  6.  Funds stay in Client’s Account
  7.  100% of the face value of the funds placed into the Trade Program.
  8.  Total Gross Profit payout is 100% per week; 60% net to client for 40 weeks; Referral brokers make between 5% to 7.5%.
  9.  Client has NO project funding requirement
  10. Compliance documents required:
  11.      a)  Know Your Client (KYC)
  12.      b)  Proof of Funds (POF), Bank Statement signed by two bank officers, Not older than 3 days from date of submission.
  13.      c)  Proof Funds Letter on bank letterhead. 
  14. Compliance will take 48 to 72 Banking hours or less
  15. After compliance is completed, trade platform will phone the Client and deliver to the Client a trade contract.
  16. After the signing of the trust consultant’s agreement and trade contract by both parties, trade program will commence the following week.


• This program assumes the client starts with $100M, great returns

 • For the bullets programs, a client is expected to make $3M + $200M + $800M = $1 BILLION

 • The client will have the option to repeat for 3-5 years or more

 A) 3% advance in 72 hours after MT 799 is received for “Evidence of Funds”

 B) 1st Bullet: 200% in 10 days (historical) 

C) 2nd Bullet: 800% in 30 days (historical) 

D) Followed by 40-week program paying up to 100% per week (historical) 

PROCEDURES: 1. To get started, the client/investor must: 

a. Complete and sign in wet blue ink the CIS and Provide a current tearsheet or bank statement signed by two bank officers 

b. Provide the BCL-RWA Letter from their bank officer stating they will send a MT-799 for “evidence of Funds only”

 2. Program conducts compliance/DD, verify the funds, and etc (5-10 business days)

Here is general information about programs not invitation to buy or sell securities!

As a fixed programs we have: (our preference are cash funds in free accounts, but we could work bank instruments: BGs, SBLCs, MTNs) -ALL FROM TOP RATING BANKS

This is information of the PRIVATE PLACEMENT , in case of your interest. The team is official member facilator of different platform, having the privilege of have directly line with Singapour, NY, Tok-HK and London. With clear policies. If you will be our client, no one who come from you can contact us without your permission.

The terms of our platform are:

  1. KYC of client,
  2. Bank statement &Tear Sheet showing your POF.
  3. RWA from your bank to you demonstrating you willing to either block via 799/760 -there are more option as admind hold or screenshot or confirmation by secured email-or issue an instrument BG or SBLC to your designee or assignee.
  4. Board resolution* -if the investor is a company
  5. Signing of all documents and returning them to us; (Board Resolution, FSA)
  6. Issuing instruments on timely basis. send swift MT799 and MT760.
  7. Trade begins
  8. Profits distributed For proceed we need:

1) KYC of the customer/account holder-not older than 3 days

2) Bank Statment +Tear Sheet of the account holder-not older than 3 days-. “If the Intake Officer requires it, more documents will be requested”-RWA’s,etc-. From here-after we receive the main documents- we will consider the available options for entry in a program. We will give the best options to the customer, always keeping in mind the variety and diversity of them and obviously, the needs of the client. -As a fixed programs we have: (our preference are cash funds in free accounts, but we could work bank instruments: BGs,SBLCs,MTNs) ALL FROM TOP RATING BANKS

Our managed BUY-SELL  programs period: 40 weeks.

They generate great monthly profits between 100% to xxx%. Is necessary an investment between 150M-minimum amount- to 500M in up. Also the trader could take advantage of the bullets that appear during the 40 weeks and enter in them simultaneously the customer is in the BUY-SELL. Our MTN sales are preagreed with our exit buyers. We work directly as a platform with the two top world CHouses from we issue the FCut MTN’s, from where we obtain the returns.

Simple Trades: 50M to 150M. Not fixed programs: Bullets-Advanced Bullets programs. They are short-period- programs with high profits. The most important of all is receive the required first documents.

After receive them we will start with the conference between us and the customer for guide him during the program and after with the customer, the trader administrator and us.

Depending of the needs of the customer and the bank where the cash funds are deposited, we will try one way or another. We must keep in mind that is it a market with great variants and many possibilities. We are under strictly regulation. We hope to hear from you!


Our team runs the compliance desk for our Platform and paid on the Platform side.  Platform President/Owner is at [New York and London]. 

 Our team runs a traditional project driven platform licensed and regulated with UN [United Nations], IMF International Monetary Fund], World Bank and ECB [European Central Bank]. 
Trading bank at London. 
100M minimum as per licensed PPP regulation. 

Standard MT799 to simply verify funds, or Admin Hold for ECB screen compliant countries. 
We do not need MT760s, unless under regulation the clients are from Russian or South American Banks. 

 NOTE: Our platform can trade credit lines, which must state clearly on the POF and MT799 that it has a CASH BALANCE. 

MT799 is NOT an Instrument. It is a simple bank to bank verification of the funds, account and fund ownership.
PPP Regulation requires the Clients fund to be held simply as an accounting prerequisite to ensure the Trading Platform is not trading their own funds, as this is strictly prohibited as per monetary agency regulations.

Our platform can trade ALL Funds in First World Banks. 
Second and Third World/Tier Banks usually require their authorized correspondent banks to provide ‘full banking responsibility’ and guarantee their swift verification, and instrument [if relevant to specific transaction]. 

 Happy to answer any questions and support your success with PPP Clients. 
The President/owner of the trade desk has been running his Platform 18 years. 
Note: We have our own KYC version with ATV protocol etc.
Project Driven: 80% net to Clients per month No Project: 
10% net to Clients per month.

Client can opt for accelerated and compound returns, but that’s pointless unless you have the Projects to match the trade returns, as ECB [European Central Bank] and all agencies simply freeze your accounts and take the returns off ledger. 

No matter what the returns are, even if they are 10,000% daily, if you do not have the Projects to justify the returns, the Central Banks under regulation will withdraw all accounts from the system and revoke the platform licence of the group involved. 

 All of the above are for Educational Purposes only. 

 Trade Agreements are lodged with the Bank, some details may change for each trade but most of the core regulatory procedures remain the same. 

 Like yourself, we have an extensive experience of parties who have tried every trick in the book to enter trade. 
 Happy to help answer any ‘vague’ misconceptions out there in this market.

This basic method of financing is known to all, though not our specialty, on demand on our investors we prepare their applications and submit them to our specialized banking partners.

The investor must have contributed approximately 10% of total needs he expresses. Our partners take care of the steps leading to the organization of a private placement program. The programs in question are organized in order to finance the projects. Explanations about this method are stated before the contract is signed by the investor.

Single procedure of its kind. The investor must have a bank guarantee produced by his own bank, and 3% of the total amount of his investment needs, alongside one of our banking partners set up a second guarantee, which will help him to obain a lift funds for the financing of projects.

Financing method very reserved, especially designed to finance major economic development programs, but specifically humanitarian programs carried out by private entities with the support of government guarantees of the countries that are beneficiaries.

Option case by case after a thorough review and validation of the submitted application. The investor is required to place the irremovable funds in an escrow account. Our licensed operators are responsible on a contractual basis, to organize on behalf of the investor, secure operations of purchase and sale of equities; these operations will generate the funds dedicated for full funding of the investor’s plans without mobilization of the blocked funds and that the investor recovers in full at the end of the annual program.

These programs can also be initiated on the basis of the safeguards put in place by some banks in the countries of Western Europe. GL Capital emphasizes that the information given just to make the existence of this procedure, does not constitute any form of solicitation or invitation to use it. GL Capital does not invite any investor to use this PPP program, anyone who will feel interested by this type of operation will necessarily show his interest by writing to us officially. After receiving your expression of interest the members of our network allowed to study these cases will answer you through us. The participation in these programs requires that the investor who has expressed interest must be eligible in accordance with the laws. Our network organizes various forms of operation on the Stocks (Purchasing-Sales), such as:

  • BANK INSTRUMENT SPECIAL (Trader direct program)

The informations on each of these methods of financing will be provided to interested investors.

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