We have platforms with a Minimum investment trade opportunity of 1M no ceiling. The funds are secured they stay at the client’s account.

Interest 20% Week or 80%. Duration of the contract 1 year.

There is no tables for this proposal as there is no compound allowed, so this proposal is more simple, gives minimum 20% weekly that´s it.

Below you have details

This proposal is from a German Platform that usually take files from 100M or more but has open a window for a few days to put +1M files in trade, below you have complete details one of the best options for any investor with +1M to get a tear sheet trade contract in very profitable and secure conditions with no block, no Swift, no risk only a tear sheet. US banks are acceptable.

1M + Small Cap Program

This is a very secure bank trade in the financial market for CASH FUNDS in amounts over 1 Million US / Euro, as the funds WILL NEVER BE BLOCKED, ENCUMBERED OR USED AS COLLATERAL, and the client will only need to keep the funds his own account. This program is handled on a case-by-case basis as it is not permanent.

There are also 5/10M small caps available.

Tear Sheet Program

1. Minimum +1M USD or Euro entry no máximum.

2. No swift, no admin hold, no moving of funds.

3. The account has to be held in one of the top 50 banks (China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and other non-rated jurisdictions are not acceptable).

4. Client’s investment amount will be internally reserved bank officer to bank officer for the duration of the 40-week program. The client does not need to do anything. The client can withdraw the funds at any time and exit the program. There is no block or swift required.

5. Program Profits – mínimum 20% weekly Net for the client, note that this is minimum.

6. After send all documents required and pass compliance 3-4 days, trading platform will issue the contract directly to the client within another 3-4 days.

The client must submit the following documents:

1. KYC, corporate or individual, in the format attached with investor transaction code, along with passport copy in color.

2. Bank Statement /account screenshot – no older than 3 days.

3. PPA to be signed – 100% profits go to the Platform Paymaster with the same transaction code for further distribution to the client and consultants.

It is important to put the transaction code in the KYC so that it is linked to all the other agreements as well as the trade contract.

Attorney and paymaster of the platform  will organize a trustee account in the bank of the Trader. After client pass compliance he will issue a form of agreement for a trustee account.

We are available to go over any additional information that needs to be addressed to ensure the comfort level of everyone involved along with the client.

Other Trade

Investment Fund Product

We have a partnership with a private investment fund, which offers an income between 15% and 20%. The fund requires a minimum of 500,000.00 euros of investment and it invests mainly in Government and central banks funds. This makes it possible to have the guarantee of generating dividends without losses. The amount of the fund is 120 million euros and the entry fees are 5% of the amount to be invested.

Trade starting from 100K€

We also have trades starting from 100 K € with Secure Placement. The funds remain on the client’s account. The income of  20% per week; duration of the contract 1 year. These programs are not available in 2019.

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