Industrial and Commercial Projects

GL Capital is supporting industrial projects for the development of any country. GL Capital contributes to research funding, is involved in the design, implementation and management of such projects. GL Capital offers solutions for financing major commercial projects, participates directly or indirectly in those activities for their survival.

Economic Projects

Infrastructures: roads, river ports, airports, railways.
Health: creation, design, development, equipping health centers (hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care).
Education: construction and development of education (schools, colleges, universities).
Water: creation, production, organization and management of distribution networks of drinking water.
Housing/Habitat: GL Capital provides support and contribution to the organization of the housing programs, housing stock, housing estates etc.
Fuel: the funds that GL Capital provides you are suitable for green fuels production projects.

Energy Projects

Creation and operation of infrastructures of production of clean energy, less expensive, easy to access, without emitting greenhouse gases, without use of power lines. Power generation program from sources of clean energy.

Humanitarian Projects

GL Capital relies on international and local expertise recognized worldwide, allowing to find solutions that provide access to certain countries for humanitarian aid and funding (fight against poverty, hunger, health problems, difficulties to access medical care, infant mortality, as pregnant women, shortage of drugs in hospitals and other care centers, overcoming the absence of school and university structures in isolated or remote areas, access to clean water etc.), implementation of youth protection infrastructures, particularly young girls and the elderly, disabled and vulnerables.

Development Projects

GL Capital provides assistance to enable emerging economies to grow.

Beneficiaries of our services:

  • Developing countries around the world
  • Emerging countries
  • Private o Parastatals
  • Associations and other NGOs
  • Big private groups

We provide our assistance to finance large economic and humanitarian development programs for emerging countries. We participate in direct control, implementation and management of  funded projects through our interventions.

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